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In submitting a booking it is understood that you have read and agreed the following terms & conditions of Costa Coches Rent-A-Car.



The contracting company, hereinafter the Lessor leases to the Lessee, whose data and signature appear on this contract, the assigned vehicle in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth and the Lessee accepts and agrees to comply.

1.1 The Lessee agrees to use and drive the vehicle according to the basic rules of driving and regulations, and according to the specifications of the type of vehicle use.
1.2 The Lessee agrees not to use the vehicle and / or let it be used in the following cases:
a) Paid transport of passengers.
b) To push or tow any vehicle or any other object, on wheels or not.
c) To participate in competitions, whether official or not.
d) Drive the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or any other medication that might adversely effect the driver's ability  
e) Transport of goods contrary to law or the laws in force or unlawful purposes.
f) Transport of passengers than authorized number and indicated on the car documents.
g) Transport of goods by weight, quantity and / or volume than authorized on the car documents.
h) Transport of goods classified as hazardous or special transport Laws in force.
i) Do not use or permit the leased vehicle to be used as a means or instrument for the commission of crimes, punishable actions, prohibited, or simply sanctioned by law, offenders help or protection, transportation and shelter of objects from crime.
1.3 Only authorized to drive the vehicle the person identified and accepted by Lessor in the rental contract and / or attached thereto, provided they have served more than over 25 years of age, according to Vehicle group indicated in the General Price, and they hold and are in possession of valid driving licence and valid for at least one year.
1.4 The Lessee agrees to keep the vehicle locked when not in use and keep the documents inside it.

1.5 It is expressly forbidden for the Lessee to assign, loan, pledge, sell or in any manner to pledge: the vehicle, the lease, keys, documentation, equipment, tools and / or accessories of the vehicle and / or any part or parts thereof, or treat the above in a way that causes harm to the Lessor.
1.6 It is prohibited, unless authorized by the Lessor, to transfer the vehicle to the Spanish Islands or to any other area outside Spanish territory. Any breach of these conditions will authorize the Lessor to force the Renter to return the Vehicle immediately, without justification or compensation.
1.7 Unless expressly authorized, the leased vehicle may only travel on authorised roads.

1.8 To leave the country the Renter will need authorization and will provide insurance coverage abroad by the Lessee.
1.9 The Lessor reserves the right to terminate the contract if the Lessee fails to comply with the provisions of Article 1.

2.1 The Renter acknowledges that they have received the vehicle in good working condition, including the five tyres if applicable in case of damage other than normal wear, the Lessee shall immediately replace, at his expense by another or others identical characteristics and state of use or pay the corresponding amount. Lessee is also responsible for the damage he has caused to the vehicle.
2.2 It is expressly forbidden to Lessee any technical characteristic of the vehicle, vehicle keys, Vehicle equipment, tools and / or accessories of the vehicle, as well as make any changes in their appearance and / or inside. In case of violation of this article, the Lessee shall bear the expenses, duly justified Vehicle reconditioning its original condition and pay an amount in compensation for vehicle immobilization.
2.3 The Lessee relieves Lessor from all liability for loss or damage arising in any type of object or property left or transported in the vehicle by the Lessee or companions, either during the term of the contract or after the return of the Vehicle.

INSURANCE:   The vehicle insurance provided by the Lessor covers the driver against any claim by a Third Party (including legal costs) and for any damage or injury incurred during the agreed rental period providing the driver is named on the rental contract, holds a current full driving licence, is over 25 years of age and does not contravene a) to e) of the Use of Vehicle clause, above.  The driver and passengers of the vehicle will be covered for medical/hospital costs (providing the total number does not exceed the legal limit for the vehicle). Damage or loss of personal possessions is not covered by the Lessor’s insurance.  The Renter of cars will be responsible for the first 300€ of any damage sustained by the rental vehicle during the period in which the Renter is in charge of said vehicle unless the Renter has opted to pay the excess damage waiver in which case the Renter’s liability will be zero (with the exception of anything to do with negligence or proven wreckless driving). The Renter agrees to take the following action in the event of an accident: a)Not to admit liability or guilt b)To obtain full details of the other party or parties involved and witnesses, filling in the accident report form enclosed with the vehicle’s documents and forwarding this information immediately to the Lessor. Serious accidents must be reported immediately by telephone c)To notify the authorities immediately if another party’s liability has to be ascertained. The main Costa Coches office at Mojacar Playa must be notified within 24 hours of any breakdown or vehicle failure. Failure to do so will mean that the renter will not be able to claim any refund for this period of off-the-road time. Any accident or damage to the rental vehicle resulting from negligence will invalidate the insurance and the renter will be responsible for the cost of repair of the vehicle in addition to any other third party damage.

4.1 The rental fee is determined by the General Price and shall be paid in advance by the renter. The payment of such amounts shall be made by credit card or in cash. Should be made in cash, Lessor reserves the right to request the Lessee one or more credit cards as a guarantee.
4.2 The duration of the rent will be agreed in the contract, and billed based on twenty-four hour periods, starting from the time when it is formalized. There is a grace period of 30 minutes minutes, after which there will be an additional charge for hours have surpassed reason when exceeded, or a day after the three hour exceeded.
4.3 In the event that the Lessee wants to keep the vehicle for longer than the time agreed in the contract, they must obtain a renewed contract consent of the Lessor, who shall pay the amount.
4.4 The Lessee agrees to return the Vehicle to the Lessor on the date and at the place specified in the lease. The rental is only considered complete once the vehicle and the keys have been returned to Lessor.
4.5 If the Lessee drives with an expired contract without the permission of the Lessor, the insurance shall be suspended automatically.

5.1 The Lessee agrees to pay to Lessor:
a) The amount resulting from the application of the General Price List and the price agreed in the rental contract, corresponding to time, insurance, optional exemptions, optional equipment and ancillary services, under the conditions applied, as well as applicable taxes and fees .
b) The amount of damage and / or theft suffered wholly or partly in the vehicle. Lessee's maximum liability shall be the value of the vehicle on the market with all the accessories and add-ons.
In case of damage to the vehicle and its accessories and clothing, and / or theft of the same, shall be charged to the Lessee for the following items and amounts:
• Veneer: shock, friction: Subject to expertise in approved workshop.
• Windows / Mirrors: chipped, cracks, loss, theft: Subject to expertise in approved workshop.
• Lights: broken shells: Subject to expertise in approved workshop.
• Tires: puncture: Subject to expertise in approved workshop.
• Cab: upholstery, dashboard, seat: Subject to expertise in approved workshop.
• Radio: theft: Subject to replacement cost.
• Documentation and / or Keys: loss, theft, damage: 200. - €.
• Cart: loss, theft, damage: 180. - €
• Corporate image: Impairment: 210. - €
• Alteration original elements: manipulation odometer, engine or any other element of the vehicle: Subject to expertise in approved workshop.
• Loss tools and other accessories: Jack: 100. - €, Replacement Bulbs: 20. - €, Tyre aid: 120. - €, Vest: 10. - €, Triangles: 20. -€,
   Toolkit: 75. - €
• Refueling service: 25. - €
All amounts are outlined for added tax or value added tax replacing it.


The Lessee is responsible for maintaining oil and fluid levels during the period of the Contract (please check this has been done before commencing hire). 

If during the period of hire a warning light comes on regarding engine condition, or a gauge shows out of normal reading, then you must stop immediately and contact either our office, or out of hours contact the recovery and have the vehicle returned to our base for investigation.  A free taxi service comes with recovery to take you to your destination.


A current Credit card with a minimum of six months before expiry date must be produced in the drivers name.

Any fines, damage due to negligence and really dirty or stained seats caused by the hirer/s will be charged and taken from the credit card.

Overdue return of vehicles will be charged an additional days rate if returned over 30 minutes late.  If the vehicle is not returned before close of office that day, an additional weeks rental will be charged.  In this event the vehicle will also be driven illegally as the Contract will have ceased, making the insurance null and void.


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